Stout Diplomat

Aaahhh beer. Is there anything better? Probably not, but sometimes there’s just not enough alcohol in your beer. That’s where beer cocktails come in.

The Stout Diplomat is a simple beer cocktail full of caramel and sweet notes. It is a perfect cocktail to go with a chocolate or coffee dessert.

Stout Diplomat

The Stout Diplomat

Quick Facts:

Servings: 1

Description: A great cocktail, ideal for dessert. Goes well with chocolate or coffee flavours.

Equipment Needed: A 220ml glass, a set of electronic scales (optional)

Source: Yanni Kehagiaras of Nopa restaurant, San Francisco

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tbs Metric Imperial
Mild Rum – Chilled 2 28g 1oz
Pedro Ximénez sherry – Chilled 1 14g 0.5oz
Stout (Chocolate or Regular) – Chilled 12 170g 6oz


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a glass and serve.
  2. Enjoy your Stout Diplomat!

Tips, Tricks and Hacks…

Weight it Out! Don’t measure your ingredients individually. Place your glass on a set of electronic scales and tare/zero it as you add each ingredient.

Substitutions: Obviously substitutions will change the end result, however stout can be swapped for porter and feel free to use whatever sherry and rum you have.

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