Roast Potatoes inspired by Heston


Quick Facts:

Servings: 6

Equipment Needed: Large saucepan and large roasting dish

Cooking Method(s): Oven roasting

Recipe Source: Heston Blumenthal

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Ingredients: Metric Imperial
Garlic 1 head 1 head
Olive Oil
Potatoes (Maris Piper preferred) 1.25kg 2.75lb
Rosemary Sprigs 30g 1.1oz


Preheat Oven Metric (°C) Imperial (°F) Gasmark
Fan Forced 160 320
Conventional 180 350
Gas 4


  1. Preheat the oven
  2. Peel the potatoes and cut into quarters. Run them under cold water for 5 minutes
  3. Put the potatoes, rosemary and garlic into a saucepan of water. Bring to the boil.
  4. Boil potatoes for 20-25 minutes until potatoes are almost falling apart.
  5. Meanwhile, pour 5mm (0.25inch) of oil into roasting dish and place in oven for 15minutes
  6. Drain potatoes and leave to cool.
  7. Add potatoes to pan and coat in oil. Return to oven and roast for 1hr 15mins, turning every 20minutes until the potatoes are crispy and golden.
  8. Remove potatoes and drain on paper towel. Season with salt.

Tips, Tricks and Hacks…

Make Ahead! You can prepare your potatoes the night before to save time on the day. Just complete steps 2, 3, 4 and 6 and then toss your potatoes in some olive oil before refrigerating.

Substitutions: Don’t stress if you can’t find Maris Piper potatoes. King Edward’s and Yukon Gold are good but any potatoes will do. You can also substitute the olive oil for goose or duck fat.

Timeline / Gantt Chart

roast potatoes

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