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Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy

Quick Facts: Servings: 1 litre Equipment Needed: Roasting dish, Sieve/strainer, potato masher, rolling pin or mallet Cooking Method(s): Oven roasting and stovetop Recipe Source: Jamie Oliver  Ingredients: Metric Imperial Bacon Rashers (streaky) 2 2 Bay Leaves 5 5 Carrots 2 2 Celery

The World’s Best Christmas Pudding

Quick Facts: Servings: 8 Equipment Needed: Large Pudding Basin, Pressure Cooker or large saucepan, greaseproof paper, tinfoil and string Cooking Method(s): Pressure cooker/steamer Recipe Source: Larousse Gastronomique – 3rd Edition Ingredients: Ingredients: Metric Imperial Blanched Almonds (chopped) 250g 8.8oz Breadcrumbs (white) 125g 4.4oz